Pre-Purchase Examinations

We can offer both 2-stage and 5-stage pre-purchase examinations. We can perform 2-stage vettings at our premises in Morpeth but 5-stage vettings will need to be performed at the sellers’s yard or a location with appropriate facilities.  

Stage 2 vettings involve a thorough clinical examination of the horse at rest, followed by observation of the horse walking and trotting on a hard, level surface in hand. A blood sample can be performed for prohibited substances but at an additional charge. 

5 Stage vettings include 3 more stages. The horse is observed the horse performing strenuous exercise, normally under saddle but it can be conducted on the lunge. This is followed be a period of rest where the heart and lungs and monitored. Finally, a second observation of the horse trotting on the hard in a straight line is performed and flexion tests are repeated 

A blood sample will be taken at the time of the visit which is stored for six months. This can be used to test for substances such as sedatives and painkillers if issues arise after the purchase.  

We recommend that any horse that has a competitive background or previous medical history has a 5-stage vetting.  

Dr Anna Peggram carries out the 5 stage vettings and she has many years of experience vetting competition horses all over the world.

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