Emergency 01670 512275
Morpeth Whorral Bank 01670 512275
Alnwick 01665 605215
Ashington 01670 812189
Bedlington 01670 824745
Blyth 01670 363607
Morpeth Staithes Lane 01670 516194
Seaton Delaval 01912 376464
West Moor 0191 256 6980

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Robson & Prescott

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What to do during the Coronavirus pandemic?

We are open and our staff are on hand for you and your pets during this difficult time.

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Important Notice: Bird Flu

Following outbreaks of highly pathogenic Avian Influenza the government declared an Avian Influenza prevention zone across the whole of England from 11/11/2020.

We direct all keepers of outdoor birds to this link for the information.

Welcome to Robson and Prescott Vets

We offer a range of services to provide each animal with the best possible care

Branch Opening Hours for Collection of Medication


  • ALNWICK 09.30-11.30
  • ASHINGTON 15.00-17.00
  • BEDLINGTON 09.00-12.15
  • BLYTH 15.00-17.00
  • SEATON DELAVAL 13.45-16.45
  • WEST MOOR 09:15-11:30
  • ​WHORRAL BANK MORPETH 08.30-19.00


  • WHORRAL BANK MORPETH 08.30-13.00


Please arrange a collection day and time when you ring to order your medication.