Lameness Investigation and Poor Performance

This normally starts with an examination in hand and under saddle to try and pinpoint which areas need to be investigated. It may then be followed up with nerve blocks , x rays and ultrasonography. We prefer to do the investigations at the clinic as we are limited to only performing a certain number of nerve blocks per day. We will also do an examination of the horse’s saddle and bridle 

Poor performance may be caused by a lameness issue but also investigation of the respiratory system by endoscopy may be necessary. Tracheal washes or broncheolar lavage may be performed to diagnose lung infections or asthmatic conditions. Evaluation of the pharynx and larynx will be assessed to determine cause of respiratory noise/ obstruction. 

The heart rhythm and rate would also be assessed before and after exercise and any murmurs detected could be investigated further if necessary by ultrasonography

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