Nikki Wilson


Nikki Wilson - Hydrotherapist
Nikki Wilson Hydrotherapist

Nikki is currently the highest qualified hydro-therapist in Northumberland. Nikki studied at world renowned Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy Centre in Nuneaton and qualified level 3 Diploma in hydrotherapy for small animals with additional certificates in Treadmill therapy, Advanced treadmill therapy techniques and a Certificate in disorders of the canine stifle joint. Level 4 diploma canine merisha massage and recently achieved her level 4 diploma advanced treadmill techniques.  Nikki worked for almost 10 years at Newcastle airport as check-in/aircraft dispatcher/cabin crew but wanted a complete career change that included her love for dogs especially working gun dogs as she saw the benefits water has on their body after a day out picking up on shoots. Nikki currently has three working Cocker spaniels and is aiming for 10 so she has a full set, one in every colour.

Nikki is very passionate about her profession and is keen to promote management of our elderly patients with a multi-modual approach, where hydrotherapy plays a big part in. Nikki takes a keen interest in new current orthopaedic procedures and works closely with our orthopaedic team to discuss cases. Regular CPD and courses are attended to improve Nikki knowledge that she can pass on to owners to improve the lives of our beloved pets.