Catriona Gibson

Veterinary Surgeon

Catriona Gibson - Veterinary Surgeon
Catriona Gibson BVMS Cert (GP) SAM MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

Cat graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2000 and since then has worked in East Yorkshire and Glasgow before coming to Northumberland. She has always loved treating dogs and cats in particular, but over the years has noticed that the vast majority of training and CPD is aimed at dogs rather than cats, which is frustrating as they are completely different species!

Cat has recently completed a two year certificate on Feline Practice and the more she learns about cats the more she wants to learn - they are fascinating and so rewarding to treat and have as pets. As a practice, we are trying to accommodate our feline friends by having waiting areas, kennel areas and consult rooms dedicated to them, and we have started feline-only clinics at our Staithes Lane branch which Cat is really excited about, as having no dogs around should make visits to the vet much less stressful for all our lovely cats.