Pet 'Quality of Life' Scale

Assess your pet's quality of life here

Use the key factors of quality of life below to help assess your pet’s condition and help assess whether further care/intervention is required.

This is a guide and can be used at regular intervals to assess your pet’s condition and response to treatment & care.


2 – Good Mobility – No difficulty getting around, enjoys walks & going outside.

1 – Poor Mobility – Difficulty getting up, hard to get in position to eliminate, short walks only.

0 – Bare Minimum Mobility – Needs assistance, pain medication/anti-inflammatory medications do not help.


2 – Good Appetite

1 – Poor Appetite

0 – No Appetite


2 – Adequate Intake

1 – Poor Intake – or increased in some patients with particular diseases

0 – Inadequate Intake – requires fluid therapy


2 – Interacts normally with family and other pets

1 – Some interaction with family and other pets

0 – Hides or avoids interaction


2 – Normal urination and/or defaecation

1 – Reduced/Irregular urination and/or defaecation

0 – Unable to pass or no control of urination and/or defaecation


2 – Normal favourite activities, hobbies, etc

1 – Decreased interest in doing their favourite things

0 – No Interest in their favourite things

Example Scores:

12-9: Everything is okay

8-6: Requires veterinary attention

5 or below: Consider overall long-term quality of life

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