Prof. Derek Knottenbelt

Equine Consultant

Prof. Derek Knottenbelt
Prof. Derek Knottenbelt OBE BVM&S Dip ECEIM MRCVS Equine Consultant

Robson and Prescott have a close association with Derek, initially through his role of teaching at Liverpool University, where Sally studied. Their friendship has continued over the years and he has been extremely helpful and supportive, not only with advice about skin conditions but also with sarcoids for which he is internationally renowned.

He is involved with both Liverpool and Glasgow Universities and provides an invaluable referral service for more complicated and unusual equine medicine cases.

This association with Robson and Prescott and in particular Sally has continued with her close involvement with some of his fundraising namely 'Horsepower CPD', raising money for overseas charities and also with their mutual work for the British Horse Society.