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We have a busy caseload of all types of birds ranging from ostriches to tiny zebra finches. We are pleased to provide veterinary care to well established falconry centres and as such have gained experience in the treatment of both medical and surgical conditions of all raptors such as owls, falcons and hawks etc.

Companion birds we treat include pet poultry and waterfowl as well as the household pet parrots, budgies and finches.

Our nurses are trained in the handling and medicating of the avian patient as well as monitoring and administering anaesthesia enabling us to undertake a full range of surgical techniques such as orthopaedics and diagnostic procedures including blood testing, scanning and X-rays etc.

In house nebulization of pneumonic patients is routine giving good results when combined with supportive therapies.

African Greys are an intelligent bird are probably the commonest avian patient that we see. They are most often hand-reared and then sold at weaning at about 14 weeks. They are then known as imprinted and will rapidly come to regard one or two members of the family as their potential mate! It is important at this time to make sure that they do not become totally reliant on one person as even a short holiday away may result in you returning to a severely stressed feather plucking bird. They need plenty of rest (a 12 hour day) and will not thrive on a diet based on sunflower. We advocate and use compond foods such as Harrisons or Nutriberries supplemented with fruit, vegetables and pulses!

For techniques to avoid stress and the commonest manifestation of featherplucking please contact the surgery.

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